About us

In 1998 volunteer citizens of Lorsch formed the Bord of Trustees, “Kuratorium UNESCO-Welterbe Kloster Lorsch e.V”, which not only financially but also intrinsically promotes various activities at the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey Lorsch site.
We are engaged in the broad spectrum of the monastery’s cultural offerings as the many different pathways to the World Heritage Site along with the linked networks -both regional and global – make Lorsch Abbey especially attractive.

Lorsch Abbey

There are still many unresolved questions about the building history and development of the once powerful imperial monastery. Scientists want to unravel the mysteries with new, interdisciplinary approaches. As part of our "Living Middle Age" series, the Kuratorium organizes public lectures by scientists on their results.

Museum Education

Whether it is the art of writing and book painting, herbal medicine or fairytale and reading nights, the team of highly committed museum pedagogues brings the medieval times to life and imparts knowledge and skills in a playful and experimental way to children, young people and adults. The Kuratorium supports the various activities financially and with in-kind donations.

Lauresham Laboratory

There are many archaeological findings on early medieval settlements, but the findings cannot always be unambiguously interpreted. In Lauresham, scientific findings are evaluated in a practical approach, and craftsmanship and agricultural techniques are tested under the supervision of university teams. The Kuratorium offers special guided tours on selected projects and sponsors projects.

Partner Monasteries

We walk a path of international understanding and knowledge exchange by travelling to our partner monasteries in Armenia, Switzerland and South Korea. In personal contacts friendships grow, cross-religious projects emerge and a deep understanding of the differences and similarities of our cultures matures.

Our goals:

  • Convey information on scientific findings on the World Heritage Site
  • Support World Heritage projects
  • Maintain intercultural exchange through visits to other World Heritage Sites; build national and international partnerships
  • Inform and involve the citizens of Lorsch and the entire Rhine-Main-Neckar region about the activities of the World Heritage Site.




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Adalherhaus | Postfach 1313
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Adalherhaus | Postfach 1313 | D-64649 Lorsch